Strange Memo In XRP Escrow Transaction Leaves Community Wondering Who’s Behind It


Members of the XRP community were left shocked due to a mysterious memo on a recent escrow transaction involving 400 million tokens valued at $275 million, leaving users perplexed about the origin and individual behind the memo. 

The Mystery Memo In An XRP Transaction

As part of its monthly escrow transaction exercise, Ripple unlocked XRP tokens from its escrow wallets. Data obtained by Whale Alert showed that the firm unlocked about 1 billion tokens in five different transactions – 100 million XRP, 400 million XRP, 200 million XRP, another 100 million XRP, and 200 million XRP.

However, in the course of the transaction involving 400 million tokens, a strange memo was left by a yet-to-be-identified individual. The attention of members of the community was drawn to the strange incident in a tweet from popular community figure Mr. Intuitive. The influencer noted his complete bewilderment regarding the memo and its content. 

The memo read as follows:

Sedan is now lambo, tepid jam is now hot jam, DAI’s rat is caught on a mouse trap. Now, Will Jeremy H’s broken dock and hacked Twitter account be fixed? Will the party become a proper party? Will the revolution be televised? As a side, David, is the secret sauce a tepid sauce or a hot sauce?

While the memo appears to hold various interpretations and meanings, it does refer, in certain parts, to events in the Ripple community. The memo draws attention to the recently compromised Twitter account of Attorney Jeremy Hogan, which was hacked by scammers to market a fake XRP giveaway on the 24th of July. The question about the account comes only a few days after Hogan regained the account. 

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Members Contemplate Different Explanations

The mysterious nature of the memo has led to members of the community conjuring up different interpretations of it. A cursory look at the address initiating XRP escrow transactions shows that the person behind the address has been involved in leaving messages like this since 2019. 

A similar message was found in a Ripple escrow transaction involving 1 billion XRP on the 1st of April 2019 and there have been speculations that David Schwartz, Ripple’s CTO, might be the person responsible as Schwartz is famous for his jokes and ability to relate with members of the community. 

However, the most reasonable explanation is that the message may have been from someone outside Ripple. This is because anyone, regardless of whether they belong to the Ripple community or not, can initiate an EscrowCancel or EscrowFinish transaction when the necessary conditions are met. 

Therefore, it is plausible to assume that the memo was initiated by a Ripple community member looking to draw the attention of the community. However, these remain mere conjectures until an official explanation is given. 

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